Quality Management Policy


SACO CONTROLS Inc. Senior Management headed by Mr. Sleiman Dib Jalbout-C.E.O is totally committed to ensuring that its products, processes, documentation and services are fully compliant with Customer's & ISO-9001 Standards requirements.

The Quality Management System (QMS) shall apply to all programs and associated activities within SACO.



SACO CONTROLS INC- QMS ensure that continual improvement is implemented and to promote:

  • Allocation of adequate resources including the availability and assignment of trained personnel to perform efficiently during design, fabrication and usage of equipment and facilities.
  • On time delivery of final products and full compliance with customer requirements.
  • Quality Assurance Department full independent operation in the application and requirements complying with ISO 9001 Standards
  • Continuous search for implementation and execution of new ways to support and facilitate continuous product improvement.


In order to ensure that the above policies are properly implemented, SACO CONTROLS INC Top Management has appointed a Management representative- Quality Assurance Manager - who is delegated the responsibility to ensure that SACO CONTROLS INC Quality Manual is fully implemented.
All SACO CONTROLS employees at ALL levels shall implement ISO-9001 requirements and cooperate to enrich and continuously apply these principles.

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