SACO CONTROLS Inc. designs and manufactures mosaic mimic panels and related control room equipment.  Our products offer a wide range of advantages; including versatility in display capabilities and modularity in component design. 

SACO CONTROLS MOSAIC MIMIC DISPLAY PANELS are widely used to represent any given process or operation that requires close verification and constant supervision. 

We are a manufacturer of graphic display panels; using a mosaic tile system and aluminum frame structure. Our systems promote simplicity in assembly and facility in future modification and expansion. This particular advantage allows SACO customers and potential users to make modifications on site, without any special tooling to implement additional requirements and upgrade existing and new mosaic  panels with a minimum cost.

SACO CONTROLS Inc. scope of supply and support includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Mosaic mimic panels – grid, tiles, engraving & lettering
  2. Push Buttons & Selector/Rotary switches
  3. Annunciator Alarm Systems
  4. Digital LED display panel meters – Analog or BCD
  5. Digital clocks and calendars
  6. LED Indicators –Single, Dual, Tri or Multi-color
  7. Control panels (relay panels)
  8. Message display boards
  9. Wiring & connectors
  10. Self-Standing Console and enclosures
  11. Manuals & technical specifications for the supplied equipment
  12. Consulting services during design ,conception and installation on site SACO Mosaic Mimic and control panels.


All above parts are custom-built to your specifications.

Complementing our mosaic panels, our product line includes computer interface logic boards with hardware and software capabilities adapted to each customer’s needs and technical specifications. 

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